Laurie & Adia: Mother-Daughter Outing

The most fun thing about photography for me is the opportunity to capture the stories of our “wild and precious” lives with images that define who we are, showcase our interactions with the ones we love and reveal what we value. A teasing gesture, a fleeting expression, a laugh, a skip, a spontaneous dance-off, eyes peeping over a cup while chatting… Photographing this gorgeous mother-daughter duo on a downtown Chilliwack outing was exactly the kind of shoot that provides those kinds of stories, and I was honored to be the lucky one documenting a sliver of time in the life of Laurie and Adia.  Very different in many ways, yet so much alike in their love for a good time doing the little things, these two radiate so much genuine beauty, joy and personality it was difficult to narrow down my favorite shots. We started out at a favorite local spot, the Harvest Café + Store,  where mom and daughter chatted over a cup o’something warm and delicious and played a spirited game of cards.


Then it was time to visit The Button Box Boutique. This special place has significance for both myself and these ladies. It was where my own mom and I went to shop for “chemo hats” when she was first diagnosed with cancer the summer of 2014. Only a year later, Laurie and her mother made the same shopping trip, trying on hats that would provide some fashionable cover when the fight against cancer commenced for Adia’s brave grandma. Today, Adia had the brilliant idea to try on hats just for fun! Thank you to the gracious ladies at The Button Box who allowed us to simply play with the BEST hats ever and feel beautiful in a place that holds a bit of weight for all of us!


Next we explored more of the quaint streets all alleys of our little town finding a colorful wall for a dance-off and some portraits, peeking into Teddy Bear Dreams where Adia loves to shop for her dance accessories, and soaking up the perfect fall day! I love how spontaneous these girls were, just having fun with each other and up for anything! Laurie and Adia, thank you letting your playful sides come out in front of the camera and allowing me to capture your beautiful spirits along the way! IMG_9056IMG_9024IMG_9047